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With the blessing and encouragement of His Grace, Bishop Michael, the Commission on Mission and Evangelism of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey is pursuing a three-prong strategy for diocesan growth and health.

Archpriest Jonathan Ivanoff, Director


Commisson members (by deanery):


Archpriest Alexey Karlgut, Priest Matthew Markewich, Will Warner


Archpriest Gary Breton, Priest Gregory White, Priest Samuel Davis


Archpriest Wiaczeslaw Krawczuk, Priest Martin Kraus, Mark Vassilakis

With the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop +Michael, the Commission on Mission and Evangelism has been tasked with the following three charges, a three-prong strategy for diocesan growth and health:



The Diocese will pursue a more focused and aggressive approach to mission planting that will directly involve qualifying newly planted missions for OCA Church Planting Grant [CPG] status within the first two to three years of the mission's founding. Also, no future mission would be established without immediate and adequate diocesan financial support for its assigned clergy.

Diocesan Missions

St. Innocent of Alaska Mission, Oneonta, NY (read more)
Holy Apostles Mission, Lansing, NY
St. Olympia Mission, Potsdam, NY
St. Nino Mission, Brooklyn, NY
St. Simon of Cyrene Mission, New Brunswick, NJ

Prior Mission Planting Projects

Operation ONEONTA (2011)
Operation PRINCETON (2013)
Operation NEW BRUNSWICK (2017)


The Diocese will create and aggressively offer adequate resources for those parishes that find themselves in numerical decline. This new ministry of parish health and revitalization will feature both short-term seminars/workshops and long-term solutions and approaches to clergy and laity concerned about the decline of their parish.

Prior Parish Revitalization Projects

Operation BUFFLO (2011)

Resources for Church Growth, Parish Revitalization, and Church Health

Orthodox Natural Church Development


The Diocese will actively address evangelism - both of our own members as well as the evangelization of non-Orthodox persons and communities who may be interested in learning more about the Orthodox Faith and Church.

Resources for Evangelization

OCA Department of Evangelization (Mission, Stewardship, and Resource Handbooks)
OCA Department of Evangelization linked resources


Fall Symposium: Examining the Reformation From The Orthodox Church

Saturday, October 27, 2018
10 am - 3 pm

St. Simon Orthodox Mission
87 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ

St Simon of Cyrene will be hosting its first annual Fall Symposium focusing on an examination of the Protestant Reformation: its roots, philosophical, theological, and cultural development and the response of the Orthodox Church.

Much-needed, essential funding for mission and evangelism

is generously contributed by our

Distinguished Diocesan Benefactors!

To learn more about the DDB go HERE!

On the Diocesan Calendar


March 22-24, 2019




Camp Shiloh

Hewitt NJ


March 25, 2019


   Annunciation of

   the Theotokos


April 21, 2019


   Entry of Our Lord

   into Jerusalem


April 28, 2019


   The Resurrection

   of Our Lord, God,

   and Savior,

   Jesus Christ


May 11-12, 2019

Special Celebration:

225th Anniversary of

Russian Orthodox

Mission to Alaska

    Princeton NJ

    details/reservations >

    more information >


May 16, 2019

 Council of

 Presbyters Meeting

Diocesan Chancery

Bronxville NY

11:00 a.m.


June 6, 2019


of Our Lord


June 16, 2019


The Descent of

the Holy Spirit


June 29, 2019


   Saints Peter & Paul


August 6, 2019



   of Our Lord


August 15, 2019


   Dormition of

   the Theotokos


September 14, 2019


   Exaltation of the

   Holy Cross


November 21, 2019


   Entry of the

   Theotokos into

   the Temple


December 25, 2019






Diocese of New York

and New Jersey
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