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Archpriest Joseph Lickwar, Chancellor of the Diocese, was awarded the Mitre (honorary “crown”) and diocesan Gramota (certificate of appreciation) in honor of the 55th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Holy Priesthood (July 7, 1963), by His Eminence, Archbishop Michael, in Saints Peter and Paul Church, Jersey City NJ, on Sunday, 10 June 2018.  "Axios! Axios! Axios!"


His Eminence said, “For 55 years of Exemplary priestly service in the Church of God: Axios! For loving to celebrate the divine services, every day of the year if he could: Axios! For educating future clergy, including three bishops, as seminary professor/mentor: Axios! For the nurturing care of clergy as Dean, a pastor to pastors, a priest to priests: Axios! For serving three hierarchs as the Chancellor of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey:  Axios! For being advisor to metropolitans, archbishops and bishops for five decades: Axios! For faithfully serving five parishes, especially Saints Peter and Paul in Jersey City: Axios! For visiting faithful at home, nursing homes and hospitals: Axios! For serving every Liturgy as is it were his first Liturgy, his only liturgy and his last Liturgy: Axios! For being the consummate husband, father, grandfather and Batushka with Matushka Shirley: Axios!”


He also awarded Father Joseph and Matushka Shirley Lickwar, the diocesan Gramota in honor of their 55th Wedding Anniversary (June 9, 1963).


His Eminence also presented to the parish antimins with his signature and a relic of Newmartyr Hillarion (Troitsky), Arcbhbishop of Vereya.


The celebrants at the Liturgy were:  the Very Rev. Alexey Karlgut,  Dean of New York State; Very Rev. Vasily Lickwar; Very Rev. Samuel Kedala; Very Rev. Daniel Skvir; Very Rev. Eric George Tosi; Deacon Stephan Karlgut; and Sub-Deacons Mark Federoff and Nektary Lukianov.

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